Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tea In Tripoli: Book Recommendation

By Bernadette Nason
Pulblished by Brave Bear & Company
Recommended by Linda Goodman

I know that I have read a good book when (1) I am hooked from the first word, (2) I put off watching television shows and movies that are promising because I cannot put the book down, (3) I go into mourning when the book is over, and I cannot get it out of my head. Bernadette Nason's memoir, Tea in Tripoli, meets all three criteria and then some. This story of a young woman who believes that she can escape her troubled past by leaving her home in Winchester, England to take a job as an oil company secretary in Libya has it all: humor, angst, danger, and heartbreak. Nason is a first rate narrator who is not afraid to expose her own weaknesses. In doing so, she finds her strength.  

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