Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tall Tales and Laughing Spells

CD Review


Why I Don’t Fish Anymore

Stories performed by Alan Hoal.  $15.00, plus shipping and handling, from or call

Reviewed by Linda Goodman

            Roanoke, Virginia native Alan Hoal claims that every story on this CD is true. Of course, when we hear that, we must remember that he has an entire shelf of tall tale competition trophies. My advice: don’t worry about whether or not the tales are true; just allow yourself to suspend your disbelief for a while, and I guarantee you will have a rollicking good time listening to this story collection.

            While listening to Why I Don’t Fish Anymore, just believe that Hoal once had a beloved pet catfish named Whiskers. After you have listened to the story of how Hoal came to adopt Whiskers as a pet, and to all the adventures they had together, you will understand why the tragedy that followed scarred Hoal so much that he had to give up fishing altogether.

            The Conjuring of Bloody Mary recalls Hoal’s own experience at trying to call up the legendary, vampire-like ghost, famous for draining the blood out of her victims. Was she real? Only the next of kin can say for sure, but make no mistake: Hoal knows a good story when he lives it.

            Hot Diggity Saves the Day, set in Punkin Patch, Virginia features an eccentric Uncle, a hated giant chicken, and an extraordinary hunting dog that saves the town from going down in history as a laughing stock. This story is a puzzle that creates a wonderfully funny picture as it puts all the pieces together.

            Ever wonder what a decaffeinated coffee plant does with all that caffeine that is removed from its coffee? The Great Caffeine Disaster goes into great detail to explain just that. Beware! It is not a pretty picture.

            In this current grim world of government shut-downs, increasing debt, and mounting fear, this album provides a much needed escape from reality. It is a flight of fancy to a world where the ridiculous seems real, reality seems insane, and healing laughter makes everything seem all right for a while.

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