Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miss Louise: A Collection of Stories

Compact Disc Review

Miss Louise
A Collection of Stories

Available from Louise Tucciarone, 9332 Wards Road, Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone: 434-821-7626. Email: $13.00 + $2.00 shipping & handling

Reviewed By Linda Goodman

Louise Tucciarone’s debut CD is a charming collection of stories that will delight children with its whimsical take on life, love, and human nature.

The Blacksmith and the Leprechaun relates the events of a special day in the life of a blacksmith named Patrick, whose encounter with a Leprechaun is marred by his own negligence and his ignorance of Leprechaun trickery.

The Librarian and the Chicken tells of a “strange and unlikely” happening that occurs when a small-town librarian finds a chicken in her library. The humor in this story is sure to evoke laughter from young listeners.

Princess Miranda is the story of a perfect child’s encounter with puberty, which turns her personality upside-down. Will the king find a cure?

Why the Spider Has a Small Waist is a pour quoi story that takes us to the beginning of time to explain the spider’s present day appearance.

Miss Beatrice is the story of the “most beautiful butterfly that ever lived” and her search for her true love and the perfect father for her future children. When a tragic event jeopardizes her happiness, her friends lend their support and all ends well.

Miss Louise clearly has the heart of a child, and children will enjoy her enthusiasm, her playful character voices, and her simplicity. What more could we ask of a storyteller?

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