Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shadows in the Woods

Compact Disc Review
Shadows in the Woods
Spine-Tingling Tales

Reviewed By Linda Goodman
     Master Story Performer ™ Leeny Del Seamonds introduces her new CD of scary stories by chronicling her passion (nurtured by costume parties celebrating her October birthday) for telling them. Her vivid imagination and fear of the dark guided her down the path of telling the very tales that frightened her. After all, the teller controls both the tale and the audience, much more so than the ghosts and demons that inhabit the stories.

     Friday the Thirteenth revolves around an auto breakdown on the highway to New Jersey and a harrowing struggle to escape a strange entity after answering nature’s call. Was it real? That depends on your perspective, but you may want to stay away from the woods if you are stranded on a highway on Friday the Thirteenth in October, during a harvest moon.

     Old Lady Lincoln tells of a woman who dies with her “eyes wide open, staring at everything and seeing nothing.” Enter two silver coins and a greedy gravedigger and you get real horror, accentuated by a howling wind and ghostly voices. Never “steal from the dead,” the tale warns.
     Jersey Devil, one of Leeny’s signature stories from her native New Jersey, begins with a grieving, pregnant widow cursing her unborn child, who later escapes her useless restraints and terrorizes South Jersey. One family’s tragic encounter with this creature will keep you awake long after you should have fallen asleep, wondering about those strange hisses and howls that haunt the night.

     The Date is a story of a young couple, deeply in love and foolish enough to go parking in a desolate part of town, only to run out of gas on a night when a serial killer is on the loose. In the end, love triumphs, though not in the way that you would expect.

     The Feast is a delightful poem that is a cornucopia of ghastly voices and cackling laughter that includes a recipe for witch’s brew.

     All stories, poems, and songs on this CD were written by the multi-talented Del Seamonds, who now has another excellent recording to include in her award-winning collection of tales. Flawlessly produced and masterfully told, the tales will lure you into listening to them again and again. Just don’t listen when you are alone….at night.

Available from Leeny Del Seamonds, Two to Tango Productions, P.O. Box 1268, Westford, MA 01886-1433, Phone: 978-692-3961. Email: $17.00 (includes shipping & handling

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