Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Top Ten Things I Miss Most from the Greater Richmond, Virginia Area

(c)Linda Goodman 2013

In September of 1998, I was dragged kicking and screaming from Hudson, Massachusetts to Chesterfield, Virginia. I had discovered my passion (storytelling) and was making a decent living from it in New England. I was not happy about returning to my home state and having to re-launch my career.

At the end of December 2012, however, with a heavy heart I left the Greater Richmond area and relocated to Waxhaw, North Carolina. It took a long time for Chesterfield to feel like home. Now I am missing it dreadfully. In honor of my former home, I list the ten things I miss most about the Greater Richmond area:
        1. Chester Fitness: this small friendly gym was a great place to work out. The staff was friendly, the location was perfect, and the price was right.
            9. Maymont Park: a beautiful place to spend a spring or autumn afternoon (summer is too hot!). The Japanese and Italian Gardens are lovely. The zoo is awesome!
           8. The Tacky Lights displays: every year, just after Thanksgiving, houses all over the area were decorated with lights galore. I always looked forward to my December tour through Richmond and Chesterfield County to admire the participating homes. Tacky, yes, but magnetic and thrilling, just the same.
          7. D'Lish Bakery in Chester, VA: the best tuna fish salad on the planet. And the chocolate chip cookies are to die for! Storytelling friendly, too.
          6. The Richmond Folk Festival: for 3 days each October, nationally known   musicians and craftsmen gathered on Brown's Island to make us happy. ALL FREE OF CHARGE!
         5. The 48 Hour Film Festival: I finally got a starring role on the silver screen in an 8 minute film titled Ground in the Dirt. Check it out:
         4. Tell Tale Hearts: This storytelling theater group defined storytelling in the Richmond area. Wonderful people who lived and breathed story. I am proud to have been a member.
        3. Secretly Y'all: Richmond's first story slam is edgy, exciting, and downright addictive! A great way to learn to think on the run.
        2. Trinity United Methodist Church: Trinity became my home away from home. The best people I have ever known.
        1. The Lowery family: most of all, I miss the Lowery's. My niece Sandi, her husband Eric, and their children (Allen, James, Preston, Hazel, and Frances) made me felt important and, best of all, loved. I think about them every day.
So that's the list. Because I am a storyteller, I will be back to visit often. I have gigs in Chesterfield County through July. I hope to continue booking there. The travel can be monotonous, but it's worth it to get to visit my old and much loved stomping grounds.


  1. OH (((((Very Favorite Aunt Linda)))))!!!!!

    1. We will be in touch often, Sandi. Thanks so much for letting stay with your family last weekend.

  2. Aww; that is such a sweet list!
    We all miss having you in Virginia, but I know this was a perfect move for you and your whole family.
    Let me know when you're near Norfolk!

    1. Lynn, right now my oldest granddaughter is sleeping in the next room. I get to see Melanie, Morgan, and Casey at least 3 times a week. I miss Virginia a lot, but I am truly happy to be here.
      I will let you know the next time I am in the Tidewater area.

  3. Oh mom! This breaks my heart...I hope that I can help you make Waxhaw feel like home soon! I love you!

    1. Melanie, just because I miss Richmond does not mean that I am not happy here. This is the best move we have ever made.

      Love, Mom

    2. OH (((((Melanie)))))! Your Mom has been rejoicing over being "home" with YOU!!!!!!!!! We have smiled over that fact often. :)

      AND~we never got our chat!!!!!! PLEASE just call~I totally spaced last time~DOH!!!!! I kinda want some Melanie time, too! :)