Thursday, February 15, 2018


This poem was written some years ago by my brother Allen Wright. I think it holds meaning for today. In the photo below, Allen is the boy in the white shirt. Standing beside him is my brother Lee. That's me with the glasses and Evelyn with the stuffed animal on the left. 


 by Allen  Wright

Is Life really living?
     Is Death really dead?
Do random thoughts really
     Just enter our heads?
We are the same
     as the things we see,
A pile of atoms
     In shapes such as We.
Where do We come from?
     Where do We go?
It's not for the Living
     Nor the Dead to know.
Atoms to atoms
     And dust to dust.
Is this the Fate
     For all of Us?
We will be born again
     As the Sun does rise,
To warm those around us
     And brighten their eyes.
So We strive to rise
     For an unseen goal,
To met our Savior
     As eternal Souls.


  1. Your brother knows!

  2. Well said...beautiful!

    1. I agree. My brother is quite a talent. Thanks for reading, Marcia.