Sunday, September 28, 2014

NSN Announces Fall Auction to Raise Funds for Member Grants

Are you ready to join in the fun of the National Storytelling Network's (NSN) Autumn Online Auction?  Interested in shopping for unique gifts from the comfort of your own computer? Now’s your chance!

The third annual NSN Autumn Online Auction will take place November 1-12, 2014. This auction raises funds for the NSN Member Grants program, which distributes funding to worthy storytelling projects carried out by NSN members across the country. Please note that although you will need to be a current NSN member prior to October 31, 2014 in order to apply for a 2015 NSN member grant, you do not need to be an NSN member to participate in the fun of the NSN Autumn Online Auction.  
That’s right-- the NSN Autumn Online Auction is open to everyone!   
We are currently seeking donations through Wednesday October 1st. Make your donation commitments in preparation of the frenzied (but friendly!) bidding wars with fellow story lovers.  We are seeking items of $35 or higher bid value that storytellers or friends of storytellers would love to get their hands on for themselves or a one-of-a-kind holiday gift. 

Suggestions of the kind of auction items we are seeking include quilts and wall hangings, paintings, hand-crafted jewelry, wearable art, storytelling services of all types (marketing, recording, coaching, photography, videography, etc.), festival & conference or retreat registrations, autographed editions of books & CDs (bundled to meet $35 minimum bid), gift baskets, vacation home or timeshare getaways, and more. 
We would welcome any contribution to this cause that you can provide. Please help us seek donations outside of the storytelling community – it’s amazing how many people are willing to donate when asked, excited for the exposure to their business.   
If you have an item or service you would like to donate, please email no later than October 1st with the following information:
* your name and contact information (email and phone)
* description of item
* digital photo of the item
* approximate actual value of the item
* a suggested minimum bid amount  (requesting $35 + to be worth the cost of the administrative time to post)
* whether you would be willing to donate shipping or prefer buyer pay shipping (and insurance if required). 
Important:  Do not mail any items to the NSN office. At the end of the auction, there will be direct mailing from donor to auction winner.
The auction will run from November 1st-12th so we’ll ask you to spread the word far & wide as that date gets closer.  We look forward to a fun online event to support good work through storytelling, but we need your donations to make it happen!  Donation Notification Deadline:  October 1
Any questions? Please contact Karin Hensley in the NSN office at 800-525-4514 or email

Thanks everyone!

Jane Crouse
NSN Board Member

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