Thursday, November 4, 2010

Requiem for Blue by Tony Toledo

I am posting this on my blog with Tony Toledo's permission. Thank you Tony. Linda

One year ago today Brother Blue joined with his ancestors.
Blue, the love we have for you remains, as does our gratitude and friendship.
In my heart there is a little blue shelf. On it is a butterfly made of stories.
Ciao, Tony Toledo

Requiem for Blue by Tony Toledo

He was the original Blue man.
He was the Street Poet.
He was the Holy Fool.
Story made flesh.
A heart open to the world.

A timeless minstrel.
Finder of the one true note.
A happy accident.
A knee jerk flirt.
Nonlinear in a funny sort of linear way.

Born a grown man fully clothed.
Ageless and energetic.
In love with his lady, his angel.
Way way beyond beyond a free spirit.

Once upon a time ago, once upon a rhyme ago...
Harmonica's mournful wail ago.
Degrees in his pocket.
Stories on his tongue.

Arms open wide
Hugging the world
How the world hugs him.

Now he lives in the wind.
Now he travels in the shade.
Romeo, Romeo where art thou?

Now his stories echo, echo, echo.
A bit of Blue in every word.
Fly on, Blue, fly on.

A butterfly on the breeze.
Such a kiss lasts forever.

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