Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Legend of Glen Onoko

Compact Disc Review

The Legend of Glen Onoko

Available from Kathy Long, 43 Third Ave., Lehighton, PA 18235, Phone: 610-377-0428. Email: Website: $15.00 includes shipping and handling. To order, call Kathy at 610-377-0428

Reviewed By Linda Goodman

Kathy Long has a voice that is clear, sweet, and musical, lending itself nicely to the lovely folk-tales on this CD of familiar stories, stamped with her considerable and unique charm. Listen to it with your eyes closed and be prepared for a colorful imaginary journey of love, magic, and wisdom personified.

How Stories Began is a Seneca tale of the first storyteller, lured into trading rabbits for Grandfather Stone’s entrancing tales. Need a definition of story? This tale provides several.

The Magic Pomegranate, a Jewish story, tells of three selfless brothers who go on a quest to find something special to share with one another, only to use their newly discovered treasures to come to the aid of a dying princess who is very wise.

The Peddler of Swaffham, a version of a tale found in multiple cultures, profiles a “middle-man” who is prompted to follow his dream after losing his livelihood. Where will the dream lead him?

From the Onondaga Tribe, The Dancing Brothers is a pour quoi tale that explains why pine trees grow tall, and how a well-known constellation was created.

The jewel on this CD is the Magic Garden of the Poor, a Kazakh tale of two selfless brothers and a wise, compassionate student who seek to use a treasure to benefit others. In today’s downward-spiraling economy, many would welcome such simple wisdom.

The Damselfly is an original fairy tale about the importance of insects to the cycle of life. Bug-lovers will delight in this tale.

The Legend of Glen Onoko is Long’s version of a local legend featuring star-crossed lovers who defy family to be together. Historical facts and real places are sprinkled throughout.

In today’s harried world, one easily takes for granted the wisdom and educational value of folk tales. This CD offers a return to simpler times where people follow their hearts and find that hope lies at the end of their journeys. Go on an imaginary journey with this CD and you will discover the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

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